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1/4 adivasi


In the memory of Full Adivasi ,please visit 1/4 adivasi , 51 Main Street
Mini Adivasi at Twice upon a time , 63 Main street

The smell that which will most remind you of Adivasi…..Sai Ranjani. Enjoy our signature scent; a blend of Sandalwood and Nag Champa.
Available in Bulk. Buy 12 boxes of 50 grams for only $40…that is a savings of $20.

500 grams of your favorite Adivasi incense….that’s a little over a pound….that’s a lot of incense….at a great deal. $35…previously would have been $50
Available in Amber, Googal, Jasmine, Loban and Patchouli


Pirate Bandanas


Our wonderful cotton bandanas are back! These handblock printed bandanas are a treasure!
$15 22×22 Colors are left to right…Blue – Light Blue – Black – Brown – Green – Red – Yellow – Blue/Red

This hand made sterling silver Om pendant is approximately 1 inch $18

Om Shanti Om A beautiful 3.5 ct star ruby completes this hand made Om pendant. Hangs 2″ $85

Henna Powder


Rajasthan is famous for henna…so here it is for you to enjoy! Can be used for hands or hair.
4 packages = 500 grams $12

Incense Cones


Adivasi Incense Cones available in Special Sandalwood and Loban or mixture of both. Six Boxes for $20