The Beauty of Larimar

This beautiful larimar pendant recently arrived from our studio in India. Fifteen years ago we bought fifty pounds of rough larimar from a friend in Vermont. He had brought it from his homeland; the Dominican Republic. This was one of the first batches of stones we had custom cut and polished for our own designs. And this is one of the finest stones to emerge from that batch. Larimar is very rare as it is only found on the southern coast of the Dominican Republic; a region that is fairly inaccessible. Locals thought the stone came from the sea and it wasn’t until 1974 that a Peace Corps volunteer and his local friend discovered that it was in fact a stone and it began to be mined. The name larimar was given based on the local man’s daughter LARissa in combination with MAR the Spanish word for sea. The pendant is accented with star rubies along the side from Mysore, India.